Shower Design & Installation

shower-headModernising the bathroom is usually a task that many of the homeowners are facing, sooner or later. In many cases, the primary target is the bathroom and usually a new shower or shower enclosure. Understandably, the bathroom area needs a makeover every few years, and installing a new shower by yourself or any using a non-professional is not the way to go. If it’s done wrong, it can result in lot of expenses as well as frustration.

Professional Shower Installer

It is also a project that needs the right team on board to install it. Designing a new shower enclosure within the bathroom is a process that is rich in visualisation and combined with right experience from your bathroom fitter, your new stunning shower design concept will stand the maximum chance of succeeding. The most important part here is actually being assured that you are working with the correct shower & bathroom fitting team.

So, how do you know that you have the ‘right’ partner for a shower or shower enclosure installation?

walk-in-shower-enclosuresAt some point, everyone visiting your house is going to see your new shower installation, including your friends, family, neighbours, guests etc. In order to have an eye-catching and professionally fitted shower, you must rely the attention to detail provided by the bathroom & shower fitting company that you employ.

So having a well-established shower installation company to implement the design of your new shower enclosure means that you will have finally have some level of peace of mind. A J Bird Bathrooms gains most of its business through referrals and recommendations, so ensuring you are a totally satisfied customer is at the top of their priority list. A J Bird Bathrooms will be generous in sharing their knowledge as well as generally consulting on your shower installation project. You will be guided through the process from the very beginning at the planning stage, shower, shower enclosure and shower accessory selection, to recommending the best cleaning and maintenance techniques.

Cheap Shower Installation & Shower Installation Costs

Your shower needs to be right first time, so looking for a cheap shower installation is a false economy and could leave you with a big rectification bill. A J Bird Bathrooms will have experienced almost every conceivable shower installation issue that could arrise. Fortunately for you, our shower fitting expertise comes as part of the package as does providing shower fitting value for money without compromise on workmanship.
With our complete shower fitting service, why not discuss you next shower cubicle or shower enclosure redesign with us and let A J Bird Bathrooms make that amazing shower a reality.

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